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Dec 24

Furniture Removal Overland Park

sofa left outside waiting to be removed
Are you looking to remove some or all of your furniture in your Overland Park house? Don’t fret we have you covered. Removing furniture yourself is just about impossible.  You will have to drum up some help.  However, many times, people are busy and you simply don't want to be bothered.  It is also hard to get the furniture hauled away in Overland Park if you don't have a truck or big enough vehicle. That is why we are here to help.

Furniture is heavy and you could injure yourself in moving it.  When you can't risk missing a day at work or school due to having to deal with removing furniture, you should give us a call.  

There are so many people saying that moving furniture is hard. Well is it? The answer is difficult. You see moving the furniture is not the hardest part because let's put in the factor of stairs or down or uphill angles. Moving it up or down stairways is very dangerous and could cause injuries. These injuries can be detrimental. That means, by all means, use our services.  We like to be sure that we keep damage to a minimum.  We will make sure that all the work is done quickly but efficiently while avoiding injury.



Removing furniture Overland Park

When you purchase new furniture it can be an exciting experience.  However, you get home and find that you have more furniture than you know what to do with.  While many furniture companies will deliver the new furniture.   Many will not haul off the old.  You may find that you can sell the old online or set it out to the curb.  But, if your old furniture is really bad, then you will need a way to dispose of it properly.  Many people don't want to deal with all of that, which is why they call on us.  

While there are ways to dispose of your furniture yourself, such as a burn pile or other methods.  Not all of us have the time or the space to do so.  If you live in an apartment, for example, there is no other way to dispose of it but to take it to the local dump.  The problem is that you live on the third floor and you don't own a truck.  By the time you find a few friends to help and rent a truck, we could have come and taken it away for you.  Save time and effort by hiring professionals to come out and offer you professional furniture removal.

Overland Park Furniture Removal

While you wait for friends to come by and schedule that truck you realize this is going to be a lot of work.  You need to get your furniture down the stairs and into the truck, only to go to the dump and have to heave it out of the back.  This could cause injury, especially if you are not used to lifting.  While our company and the employees are covered by our business insurance, you don't have health insurance and are worried you might injure yourself.  Save yourself the hassle and call on the experts in furniture removal Overland Park.  

Once you call we can schedule a time to come out and pick up the furniture.  Please let us know how big and how much furniture we are talking about.  This will help us to get the most out of our scheduled pick-ups.  We drive throughout the Overland Park area and pick up unwanted furniture all the time.  If there is a possibility of saving it and rehoming it, we will do that.  However, if it is totally trashed we will dispose of it properly.  We do this as we care about our environment and try to keep as much out of the landfills as possible.

Our team of experts has been picking up and moving furniture for quite a few years.  Because of this, they are strong and fully prepared to take that furniture down the three flights of stairs with ease.  While you watch, you may think, that doesn't look so bad.  But, remember, this is what our crews do, day in and day out.  We haul away unwanted furniture with ease.  Call today and let's get started.

If you are moving and don't want to take your furniture along, we can help with this as well.  We understand that furniture is hard to get rid of on short notice.  However, we are happy to help.  We offer furniture removal services that are quick and easy.  Call today and let's get started on getting your old furniture out.